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» 30 ways to outsmart temptation!

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Taken in 2009. I want my sexy tummy back!

Taken in 2009. I want my sexy tummy back!

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carpethatfckkingdiem asked:
Hi! How's your fitness coming along?

Hello! I’m currently on a maintenance diet because I find it really hard to focus on clean eating when I’m constantly busy and stressed out because of school. Once the last wave of exams is over, I will continue informing you about my progress. :)
Anyways, I checked your profile and you seem to be doing really well. Keep it up. :)

Best motivational speech ever.

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» The Reality of Skinny: 7 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism
  1. Get more sleep!
  2. Amp up your morning routine: Breakfast is essential. It kickstarts your metabolism for the day, and gives you energy to sustain yourself through long hours of work. Also, work out in the morning! It gives your metabolism a huge boost, you’ll be burning tons more calories throughout the day, and you’ll feel fabulous. 
  3. Get active: Workout every day!
  4. Eat all day: By eating small meals all throughout the day, you keep your metabolism working hard, you keep yourself full, and there will be less fat stored in your body, since everything is being burned off. 
  5. Drink: If you’re dehydrated, your metabolism completely slows down. Stay hydrated with green tea and lemon- ginger water for an added boost! If you don’t like those, just stick to water. 
  6. Eat spicy foods. 
  7. Calcium: Calcium has been proven to boost your metabolic rate! Try Greek yogurts for breakfast for a healthy source of calcium.

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